By: Katie Stigter, fourth year biology student

The Future Skills Innovation Network is a cross-collaborative group of Canadian schools working to integrate skill development into university learning. I completed the FUSION curriculum at Carleton in fall 2021 and strongly recommend other students participate as well. Here’s why:

I learned so much through the FUSION program and I noticed my academics start to improve. The program focuses on three main skills: metacognition, communication and problem solving.

Metacognition is often referred to as “thinking about your thinking” and I found that thinking about how I think and learn has helped me improve my study strategies. I find myself thinking about what time of day I study best, and if I should listen to a recorded lecture in my bedroom or at the library.

And of course, we use communication skills every day: writing emails to professors, peers or potential thesis supervisors; giving a presentation in class; applying to graduate school or scholarships; writing a paper for one of your classes. These all require the ability to communicate some sort of information to someone else. Developing your communication skills takes time, but thinking about how you currently communicate and making a plan to improve this skill can help you get better.

As students, we all know that studying requires a lot of problem solving. The dilemma of time management, for example, is a problem that many students face, including myself. We can’t seem to find enough time in the day for all our projects, studying and extracurricular activities. Or maybe you are facing a problem with a fellow student when you are working on a group project together. Either way, you can utilize your problem-solving skills to make a plan to resolve the issue.

These three skills can be applied to many areas of the student experience. Maybe they can even improve your grades! Learn more about the FUSION program and how you can participate here.