As a student, it’s common to feel overwhelmed with school and other personal responsibilities. Self-care can help you manage stress and increase your ability to learn and succeed in your studies. Take the time to do things you enjoy or that make you feel better, especially when you feel stressed. Below are some tips for incorporating self-care activities into different aspects of your life.

1. Sleep

  • Try for six to eight hours of sleep
  • Turn off your devices 30 minutes before you turn in

2. Exercise

  • Helps to decrease stress levels
  • Go to the gym (if open) or for a walk

3. Create Positive Nutrition/Hydration Habits

  • Eat balanced meals
  • Prepare food ahead of time
  • Drink six to eight glasses of water
  • Pack snacks

4. Meditate

  • Builds self-awareness and manages stressors
  • Find a quiet space and take deep breaths, listen to music or read
  • Turn off electronic devices

5. Take Breaks/Relax

  • Take regular breaks from studying to stretch
  • Leave enough time to relax and do something you enjoy (read book, art, hobby)

6. Join a Support Group/Socialize

  • Reach out to family members or friends you know you can call, text or visit
    when you need to talk
  • Get involved in organizations
  • Set aside time for a social life

7. Journal

  • Write your thoughts and feelings
  • Create a gratitude list – write out the things you are thankful for

8. Set Realistic Goals

  • Set short and long-term goals
  • Write them down and place in an area where you can see them daily
  • Remember the S.M.A.R.T. formula – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely