In an era when countless resources are available at the touch of a button, delivering a dull presentation is inexcusable. The following tools can help you create dynamic presentations that are sure to engage your classmates and impress your professors. All of these are free (or at least have a free version).

Visme: Through Visme, users can create customizable presentations. Its noteworthy features include a graph generator and a vast gallery of free images.

Prezi: Using Prezi, you can create a customized presentations or select from a variety of templates. A presentation on Prezi can be delivered in a non-linear order, so users move through a virtual presentation in an organic manner that takes into account questions from audience members and professors.

Infogram: Through Infogram, users can create dazzling visual depictions of data. Simply enter or upload data, and the website will translate the information into visuals such as infographics, maps and charts. is another website that can help an audience better visualize information. This tool is geared toward generating infographics, and features an array of colourful templates.

Google Slides: Google Slides is particularly useful for group work, since users in different locations can easily collaborate on a presentation. Furthermore, Google Slides can be accessed using a standard Gmail account. It’s nice to be saved from the hassle of a complex registration process.

Keynote: An Apple product, this presentation software is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint in terms of its core functions. However, Keynote has a sleeker appearance and saves presentations in an easily accessible format. Users can present their work through an iOS device or any computer with a web browser.

Presbee: Presbee offers the features of a standard multimedia presentation tool, with a few additional perks. For example, users can select images from Presbee’s gallery of pre-loaded photos.

SlideDog: SlideDog allows users to interact with their audience while delivering presentations. Audience members can follow a presentation from their phones, and answer poll questions in real time.

PowToon: This software generates animated infographics and quirky video presentations. It features cartoon-like graphics that can help pique the interest of an audience.

By Maha Ansari