Most of us have goals we want to achieve, but sometimes we lose sight of them. It is easier to keep on track when you have clear goals and keep them in sight. Here are nine ways to set goals and make sure you stick with them.

1.  Stay organized

Organizing your goals will make them much easier to achieve. Keep calendars, to-do lists or other personal organizational tools within view.

2.  Make your goals realistic

Ambition is a good thing, but sometimes having overly ambitious goals hinders your ability to complete them. Setting goals that are achievable makes them that much easier to reach and helps motivate you to work towards them.

3.  Write them down

The best way to make goals stick in your subconscious is to write them down. It makes the goals more concrete, triggering your brain to complete them.

4.  Use campus resources

Carleton offers a wide variety of support for your personal and academic needs.

5.  Reward yourself

Small reinforcements will encourage you to stick with your goals and keep going. You could go out for coffee, watch a movie, relax in a park or visit a friend, to name a few.

6.  Keep making more goals

Once you accomplish a goal and feel you have a good handle on it, add another one. This will encourage you to maintain your good habits and push yourself further.

7.  Practice self-care

Remember to make yourself a priority. Take time off when you need it and don’t feel guilty for treating yourself. Balance helps you stay focused.

8.  Change the pace

Make sure to have a good mix of short and long term goals.

9.  Involve your friends

Setting goals with your friends can help you stay motivated as you work together to reach them. Friends are also a good source of encouragement for the days when tasks seem insurmountable.

Whatever way you choose to set and achieve your goals, the process of doing it makes you mindful and engaged with what you want. That is never a wasted exercise.