Geocryology laboratory

The Geocryology Laboratory is equipped to investigate frozen soil as well as its behaviour during freezing and thawing. Extensive new infrastructure exists or is currently being build/purchased for temperature control of experiments (walk-in freezer, environmental chamber, circulating coolers), for temperature calibration, and for the accurate measurement of temperature-dependent soil properties.

Geocryology simulation laboratory

In this lab we have a number of work stations (Mac and Windows) as well as Gigabit Ethernet connections for additional laptops. From here we access Carleton Universities new Research Compute Cloud as well as resources provided by Compute Canada and SOSCIP. We even have a couch.

Field equipment

We operate field equipment for the measurement of ground temperature, soil and rock properties, surface subsidence, as well as for general site characterization.

Field sites

We are expanding a network of field sites measured in the Northwest Territories as well as in British Columbia and Nunavik/Québec. More details can be found on the research page.

Permafrost Database

We operate the permafrost database COLDASS that holds temperature time series and other observations describing several hundred observation sites. Our aim is to enable analyses of large ensembles of observations and to improve the testing of permafrost models. To this end, we also develop and test robust data handling procedures.