Dominic Besner with FPA Dean Dr. Brenda O’Neil. Photo credit: Jayden Dill

Congratulations to Dominic Besner who received his MPM degree and a Senate Medal for Outstanding Graduate Work.

Dominic entered the program in Fall 2022 after an extensive career in IT and cybersecurity, working both inside and outside of government. “Three things always guided my motivation for joining the MPM program,” he said, “solving complex problems, serving my country, and not regretting what could have been.”

After completing his courses, Dominic was recruited to Summa Strategies, where he is now a Research Consultant with the government relations and public affairs consulting firm in Ottawa.

Reflecting on his time in the program, Dominic said “no one knows if I will have an impact on politics one day. With my new degree and a new career, I hope to go beyond criticizing and get a chance to find and implement solutions. The future is uncertain, and I may fail miserably, but at least I’ll step out of the sidelines and give it a shot.”

Congratulations Dominic! We’re looking forward to seeing the positive impact we know you’ll have.