Photo of Anne Marie DeSouza

Anne Marie DeSouza

Head of Corporate Communications, Vecima Networks


Anne-Marie DeSouza is the new head of corporate communications for Vecima Networks, a mid-cap Canadian telecommunications company trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange. In this position, Anne-Marie manages all external communications from Vecima’s corporate office, including those dealing with investor relations.

Anne-Marie came to the political management program after more than 20 years in sales, marketing, and communications, and with 10 years of experience on political campaigns. She credits the MPM program for sharpening her skills in critical analysis and strategic communications.

“The MPM program at Carleton was a politics enthusiast’s dream come true,” said Anne-Marie. “Not only did I have plenty of opportunities to immerse myself in the workings of federal politics, the academic grounding helped me develop a political acumen that has served me well in the corporate world.”

Last Revision: Oct. 15, 2018