Photo of Vicky Sedhya  Maurice-Sevigny

Vicky Sedhya Maurice-Sevigny

Information Management Officer at the Parliamentary Information and Publications Directorate, House of Commons


Vicky Sedhya Maurice-Sevigny is an information management officer at the Parliamentary Information and Publications Directorate in the House of Commons. In this role, she is required to have general knowledge of parliamentary business operations and the Canadian parliamentary system, as well as communication skills.

In addition to her Master of Political Management degree from Carleton University, Vicky holds a BA in Political Science and a BA in Theology from Concordia University.

As a proud Canadian of Haitian descent, she was for four years a member of the Children and Youth Committee of the Église de Dieu de Saint-François. She was responsible for encouraging community engagement, educating adolescents on different social and cultural aspects, and being their point of reference. This involvement made her realize that without representation, young Canadians who are part of a marginalized group can feel defeated. In 2014, in collaboration with other students sharing the same vision, she created the Association of Haitian Students of Concordia, of which she became the vice-president. The organization was created to promote Haitian culture, traditions, and history. In 2016 and 2017, she organized two conferences on racial discrimination in Quebec, open to all college and university students in the region.

“The Riddell Program allowed me to expand my communication, research and analytic skills to be successful in the field of politics. This program is valuable for marginalized students who need a safe and educational space to have an open dialogue on gender, race, and intersectional identities. The program’s uniqueness allows students to expend their horizon and to work with people of various backgrounds.” – Vicky Maurice-Sevigny

Last Revision: October 18, 2021