Photo of Aaron Nava

Aaron Nava

Features Writer, Ottawa Life Magazine


Aaron Nava is a features writer who is working with Ottawa Life Magazine, creating and editing content for the web and in print. He worked for Garden Promenade to promote the Ottawa’s gardens and was part of a small team that won the Garden Marketing Campaign of the Year award at the 2019 Garden Tourism Conference. Aaron has a graduate certificate in Mobile and Social Media Management from Algonquin College and a Hons. BA in Philosophy from Carleton University. He is passionate about thoughtful, effective government policy.

After working as volunteer coordinator for Western Ottawa for Maxime Bernier’s leadership campaign, Aaron enrolled in the Master’s of Political Management program. He was a campaign strategist for candidate Karin Howard during the 2018 Ontario election, and presented policies at the 2018 Conservative Party Convention in Halifax, one of which became official party policy. He has been published in C2C Journal, a Manning Institute-affiliated publication. He volunteered for the Mike Lalonde Campaign in Ottawa West-Nepean, and created pictures and video content for social media, and volunteered for the Abdul Abdi campaign that succeeded it.

“The MPM program changed the way I saw politics. Discussing issues with people from diverse backgrounds and viewpoints, working at all levels of government, gave me a better understanding of why and how politicians behave the way they do. The assignments and readings covered the inner workings and details of Canada’s government, which gave me the skills to answer technical problems when they arise. This program will give you the knowledge you need to hit the ground running, whether you work within the government, or you work with any organization that seriously deals with politics.” – Aaron Nava

Last Revision: June 08, 2020