Photo of Amy Scanlon Boughner

Amy Scanlon Boughner

Communications Specialist at Palette Skills


Amy Scanlon Boughner is a communications and public affairs professional with a background in journalism and communications. She earned her BA (Hons) and MPM at Carleton University. After graduating with her BA in Political Science, Amy worked on Parliament Hill for several years as a Media Monitor and Analyst as part of Jack Layton’s team. She is now working in the Public Affairs department at Palette Skills, the lead partner in the federal government’s Upskilling for Industry Initiative.

Completing my Master’s of Political Management gave me the opportunity to explore different angles of government and new ways of communicating with and within government. It helped me hone the skills that I use every day, and allowed me to connect with different viewpoints. It is very special being in a room full of people who want to debate the issues as much as you do.

Last Revision: June 2024