Photo of Ana Santarem

Ana Santarem

Government Relations Advisor, National Police Federation


Ana Santarem is the Government Relations Advisor – National Police Federation. Ana has almost a decade of experience working in government relations and has a wide variety of experience in Brazilian and Canadian politics.

In Brazil, Ana worked with the Federal Minister of Planning and Budget, Government Relations firms, and Grupo Globo, the largest mass media and broadcasting group in Latin America. This gave her the ability to interpret emerging policy issues and develop innovative government relations strategies. In Canada, Ana also volunteered for a Member of Parliament and gained deep understanding of government and parliamentary mechanics.

Prior to entering the MPM Program at Carleton University, Ana completed her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and an MBA in Public Policy (Governmental Policies and Management).

“The Masters of Political Management program was an incredible experience. The program increased my analytical and political perspectives and gave me the practical knowledge of how the Canadian political system works. The multi-partisan environment, the amazing instructors, and the networking opportunities are definitely what make this program unique and complete.” – Ana Santarem

Last Revision: July 28, 2020