Photo of Brittany Perreault

Brittany Perreault

Senior Manager, Speechwriting, Office of the Prime Minister

Political Management Alumni, Brittany Perreault, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Political Management alumni, Brittany Perreault, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

“The MPM program not only met my high expectations – it far surpassed them. Learning from a diverse group of accomplished professors and peers was terrific preparation for the “real world” of political work. After a year-long curriculum of topical readings and assignments, I felt confident going into my practicum, which subsequently led to my first job on the Hill. With unparalleled networking opportunities and a chance to learn from some of the brightest political minds in the country, this program is an excellent choice for those looking to truly engage in the political process.” – Brittany Perreault

Last Revision: Nov. 30, 2017