Photo of Dan Arnold

Dan Arnold

Contract Instructor

A seasoned campaigner, Dan oversaw the Trudeau Liberals’ research program during their 2015, 2019, and 2021 election victories. He moderated focus groups, led the nightly tracking, and used his seat projection model to map the path to government.

In between these campaigns, Dan served as Director of Research, Advertising, & Correspondence in the Prime Minister’s Office. Through this role, he kept tabs on what mattered to the “real people” outside the Parliament Hill bubble and gave hundreds of engaging presentations to staffers, caucus, and Cabinet.

In 2022, Dan rejoined one of Canada’s leading polling firms, Pollara, as Chief Strategy Officer. There, he uses quantitative and qualitative research to provide strategic advice to clients from a range of sectors.

Since leaving the federal government, he has conducted polling for political parties in 6 different provinces, and on many municipal and local level campaigns.

Last Revision: June 2024