Photo of Graeme McLaughlin

Graeme McLaughlin

Business Operations Analyst at Lockheed Martin


Graeme McLaughlin is Business Operations Analyst at Lockheed Martin. Previously, he was a Principal at McMillan Vantage Policy Group and worked in several political staffing roles with a focus on communication strategy and policy development. While completing his Master’s Degree in Political Management, Graeme worked as a communications advisor for one of the leading candidates for the leadership of the federal Conservative party, supporting the issues management team and the design of the platform. Graeme was a communications assistant for a Member of Parliament from Saskatchewan and worked as full-time staff on the 2015 national election campaign as a communications advisor for an Ontario candidate. He also provided support and advice to the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba on their election campaign in 2016. Graeme has a Bachelor of Arts in Law and a Masters Degree in Political Management, both from Carleton University.

“The MPM program is a kick start to a successful career in politics or public affairs. The program’s high-tier faculty and broad reach to past and present political officials as guest lecturers improved my understanding of how senior decision makers, in government and politics, determine strategy and set policy. The MPM programs offers a unique combination of academic thought leadership with real world political experience that sets it apart. I highly recommend the MPM program to anyone that wants to expedite their success in politics and have an edge that only comes from the MPM program.” – Graeme McLaughlin

Last Revision: August 23, 2019