Photo of Gregory  Stulen

Gregory Stulen

Managing Partner


Gregory J. Stulen is the Managing Partner at Avenue Public Affairs and is a specialist in public policy transformation and strategic communications with more than a decade of experience delivering successful outcomes.

He has a track record of success in working with political, business, public service, media, and community leaders to influence change and to create positive outcomes for clients. He has a strong knowledge of government processes, a focus on fostering meaningful relationships with decision makers, and a drive to find compromises that ensure public policy wins for everyone involved.

Gregory is a seasoned political operator. He has worked at all three levels of government, has served as both political staff and as a public servant, has run two government focused private sector businesses, and has worked on 25 political campaigns and counting.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Political Management from Carleton University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with a formal emphasis in Law and Policy from Trent University.

“The Master’s of Political Management (MPM) is the gold standard of political training in the Canadian federal and provincial/territorial contexts. It provided me with a firm understanding of the processes and procedures of both government and legislative bodies as well as the tools to effectively navigate those spaces. In addition to this skillset, the MPM significantly improved my political network across party lines and helped me create and maintaine a close-knit network of colleagues from all sides of the political spectrum. This has been helpful for my professional career, but it has also been an important resource in improving collegiality among political staffers from all walks of life. I think the development of these relationships among MPM students and alumni is a positive asset for Canadian democratic institutions and government offices alike.” – Gregory Stulen

Last Revision: March 2023