Photo of Jon Wiseman

Jon Wiseman

Special Assistant, Office of the Minister of Veterans Affairs


Jon Wiseman (he/him) is a Special Assistant (Ontario) to Canada’s Minister of Veterans Affairs and Associate Minister of National Defence.

Jon previously served as Legislative Assistant to Adam Vaughan, Liberal MP for Spadina-Fort York and Parliamentary Secretary for Housing during the 43rd Parliament. In the 42nd Parliament, Jon served as Legislative Assistant to Bill Casey, Liberal MP for Cumberland-Colchester and Chair of the Standing Committee on Health.

Jon also served as Field Manager for Adam Vaughan’s successful re-election campaign in 2019. Working collaboratively with a strong campaign team and volunteers, the campaign managed to win all but one poll in Spadina—Fort York, increasing the Liberal vote share from the 2015 election.

Jon previously served as Policy Chair of the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario), working collaboratively with riding associations across the province to shepherd progressive grassroots policy through a prioritization process and, eventually, to the Liberal Party’s biennial convention and electoral platform.

Prior to joining the Riddell Program, Jon completed an honours undergraduate degree in Political Studies and History at Queen’s University. He was heavily involved in student organizations, including as Commissioner of Internal Affairs at the Alma Mater Society and Co-Chair of the Political Studies Departmental Student Council. He was also on the Executive of the Queen’s University Liberal Association and participated in multiple Queen’s Model Parliaments.

“I was first told about the Riddell Program from a friend in a previous cohort. After doing some research and heeding their advice, I applied to the program. It was a decision I do not regret in the slightest. The MPM is an incredibly unique program that immerses one in all aspects of political life. From learning best practices in advocacy to the minutiae of staffing a Minister, you learn it all from incredibly experienced faculty. Being in a small classroom setting with like-minded cross-partisan colleagues greatly strengthened the in-class experience. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone interested in politics, government relations, advocacy, or elections.” – Jon Wiseman

Last Revision: Jan 28, 2022