Photo of Lorne  Geller

Lorne Geller

Director of Communications at the Embassy of Israel


Lorne Geller is Director of Communications at the Embassy of Israel in Canada, where he co-manages the public diplomacy unit, manages the brand of the State of Israel in Canada, and oversees digital media, crisis communications, media relations, and all other communications products. Previously, Lorne was an analyst at Crestview Strategy in Ottawa, where he oversaw the writing and research products produced by the agency’s Analysis and Insight team. Lorne also holds a BA in Political Science from Carleton University. He credits the MPM program for giving him the foundational tools to improve his core communications skills and provide him wth the knowledge of how to navigate a high-stakes communications setting.

“The program helped me understand the importance of political communication, and how to shape a single message in a way that speaks to as many people as possible at one time.” – Lorne Geller

Last Revision: Dec. 10, 2018