Photo of Rob LeForte

Rob LeForte

Founder, First Lake Solutions and Co-Founder, Push Politics


Rob is the Founder of First Lake Solutions. First Lake is a boutique government relations firm focused on providing advocacy support for national and provincial associations, start-ups and municipalities.

His professional background includes government relations, communications, and policy roles at leading national industry associations where he has a track record of achieving results and building relationships with decision makers. He has been responsible for the logistics behind some of Ottawa’s largest and most successful annual advocacy days. Rob is a seasoned advocate with a keen understanding of message development and delivery. He has demonstrated effective skills in media relations through numerous television, radio, and print interviews while serving as a not-for-profit spokesperson. He has extensive experience preparing executives for interviews and parliamentary committee hearings. In 2021, Rob worked as a Senior Consultant at Summa Strategies. In 2019, Rob was named Vice President of Impact Public Affairs. In 2016, Rob co-founded Push Politics, a political engagement platform that enables constituents to connect with politicians and election candidates while creating opportunities to amplify messages through the social media networks of campaign supporters.

The MPM helped me realize that politics is about more than just having the right policies in place to deliver political support. Over more than a decade working in government relations roles I identify the Clayton H. Riddell Program as the most important learning opportunity I’ve had. Understanding the nuances between an effective strategy and implementing it through the use of effective tactics was a key takeaway for me. I appreciated the opportunity we had to learn from people who had applied their diverse experiences, whether that be through market research, strategic communications, logistics and operations, or policy development in the world of politics.” – Rob LeForte

Last revision: Feb. 7, 2023