Photo of Taranvir Dhaliwal

Taranvir Dhaliwal

Associate Director of Development, Toronto Metropolitan University


Taranvir Dhaliwal is a seasoned political strategist and community leader with a wealth of experience in government, politics, and public service. Currently serving as the Associate Director of Development at Toronto Metropolitan University, Taranvir has held several prominent positions in politics and government.

Before joining TMU, Taranvir worked at the Parliament of Canada and the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, where he gained invaluable experience in policy development, stakeholder engagement, and government relations. He also worked on numerous political campaigns across the country, advising candidates on community outreach, communications, and media relations.

Taranvir’s passion for social justice and equity has led him to serve as Vice President of the Ontario New Democratic Party and Co-Chair of the Racial Justice and Equity Commission of the New Democratic Party of Canada. In these roles, he has been a fierce advocate for marginalized communities and has worked tirelessly to ensure their voices are heard at all levels of government.

One of Taranvir’s most significant accomplishments was serving as the Team Lead for prairies provinces on Jagmeet Singh’s leadership campaign in 2017. Taranvir’s expertise and leadership were instrumental in securing Jagmeet’s victory as an NDP leader and establishing him as a rising star in Canadian politics.

Taranvir has served as a trusted advisor for provincial and federal political leaders, providing strategic counsel on issues ranging from community engagement to political messaging. His ability to navigate complex political environments and build bridges between diverse communities has made him a sought-after consultant and strategist. Taranvir’s deep commitment to social justice and equity has been a driving force in his career, and he continues to work tirelessly to create a more just and equitable society for all.

“The Master of Political Management (MPM) program has been instrumental in providing me with the necessary skills and expertise to advance my advocacy work and deepen my knowledge of our political system. The curriculum is designed to cater to the needs of professionals who wish to advance their careers in politics, and the faculty is highly knowledgeable and experienced. However, the most valuable aspect of the MPM program is the network of professionals I have built through it. I have made many good friends with political staffers from all political stripes, which has helped me better understand different perspectives and build relationships that are essential in politics. These connections have been invaluable in advancing my advocacy work, and I am grateful for the opportunities the MPM program has provided me. Overall, I highly recommend the Master of Political Management program to anyone looking to advance their career in politics and government relations.” – Taranvir Dhaliwal

Last Revision: March 2023