Photo of Tye Hapke

Tye Hapke

J.D. Candidate (2024) at the University of Saskatchewan, College of Law


Before heading off to study law at the University of Saskatchewan, Tye Hapke served as Director of Communications for the Saskatchewan Party. Before that, he worked for the Conservative Party of Canada both as a Training Coordinator and in the 2019 Conservative War Room. Tye was a member of the Board of Directors for the Saskatchewan Party and President of the Saskatchewan Party Youth. He worked in the offices of the Premier of Saskatchewan and several provincial ministers.

During his time in politics, Tye specialized in field operations, communications, digital media, crisis management, and fundraising. He received most of his mentorship and training from political leaders in Saskatchewan and Ottawa. While no longer employed in politics, he continues volunteering politically on both provincial and federal levels.

In addition to a Master’s in Political Management for the Riddell Program, Tye holds an Honours B.A. in Political Studies from the University of Saskatchewan.

Last Revision: October 29, 2021