1. In-Person Events
  2. Online Events
    1. Zoom Meeting
    2. Zoom Webinar
    3. Advanced Online Broadcast (any streaming platform)
  3. Hybrid Events
    1. Small Hybrid Event
    2. Advanced Hybrid Event
  4. Thesis Defences

In-Person Events

We can help you with the audio and video technical needs of your in-person event. Our team will work with you to understand your event requirements, plan logistics, and be onsite to provide live support to ensure your event on campus is a successful one.

Online Events

We support three main types of online events: Zoom meetings, Zoom webinars and advanced online broadcasts.

Zoom Meeting

This is the most basic online event and generally doesn’t require live technical support from us. Technicians can “spotlight” video so the audience will see the appropriate panelists, however, the audience will still have some control over what they choose to see.  Technicians will be able to play video media, and display landing and exit slides. Breakout rooms are also available.

Typical Event Support Requirements: 1 technician, 30-minute check before event.

Zoom Webinar

This is a simple way to stream your event for a medium to large audience. It can mostly be self-managed, but there are some advantages to having our technicians support the event.  A technician can “spotlight” the appropriate panelist for the audience’s view as well as playback video. This option has a user-friendly Q+A and Polls integrated within Zoom. Chat can either be disabled or enabled for audience participation.

Typical Event Support Requirements: 1-2 technicians, 30-minute check before event. Depending on complexity, possible technicians required for live support.

Advanced Online Broadcast (any streaming platform)

For this type of event, technicians can add elements like music, graphics, overlays, picture-in-picture, and video effects/transitions to enhance production. Technicians can also stream the event to multiple platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Live Comments from YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter can also be brought into the livestream for audience engagement and participation.

Typical Event Support Requirements: 2-4 technicians, 1.5-hour setup, 1-hour minimum tech rehearsal at least one day before the event, and 30-minute check one hour before the event. Client must provide schedule for panelists and submit any specific video notes two business days in advance of the tech rehearsal. More complex events will require more than the minimum times outlined above and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Hybrid Events

For Hybrid events, there will be a live event on campus streamed to remote participants online. Technicians can provide any equipment for all on-campus portions of the event.

Small Hybrid Event

The technicians are on campus and capturing the live presentation with an HD camera.  The video feed can be mixed with any event media (slideshow, videos, music, etc.) and is fed to any streaming platform.

Typical Event Support Requirements: 2 technicians minimum, 1.5-3-hour setup, 30-minute check one hour before the event start.

Advanced Hybrid Event

Technicians will manage in-person, remote guests, and broadcast. Multiple HD video cameras will capture the in-person portion of the event. Remote presenter(s) will be able to join the broadcast as well as be able to communicate with the in-person audience/host.

Typical Event Support Requirements: 3 technicians minimum, 2-hour or more setup, 30-min check 90 minutes before event start, online tech rehearsal with remote panelists and event producer. Client must provide schedule to the technician a minimum of two business days in advance. 

For all online/hybrid events, keep in mind the broadcast has requirements such as a strong reliable internet connection. Please see the recommended practices doc for information on how to have the highest quality broadcast. We are unable to provide equipment to remote presenters and cannot ensure support on the presenter’s personal gear (webcam, microphone, headphones, computer settings, etc.).

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Thesis Defences

We can provide technical support for Ph.D. or Masters Thesis defences. Please fill out this alternate form to book your session with us. For department administrators only.

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  1. Due to high demand and resource limitations, we require a minimum of 14 days lead time for booking events. Depending on complexity, more time may be required.
  2. Event organizers, not Production Services, are ultimately responsible for considering any privacy issues as part of their event. These considerations can include capturing speakers/presenters and/or attendees/guests and promoting/publishing these interactions on our various promotional channels (CU websites, social media, traditional media, etc.). Below are two different templates that event organizers should be using to either obtain consent or notify about the audio/video capture that could occur.

    • For speakers/presenters, event organizers should use the Consent to Publish Information form.
    • For guests/attendees, event organizers should use a Poster Notice, and these should be posted at the entrance to the event as well as around the event room.