My research focuses on addressing real-world problems by designing effective technologies and information visualization tools. In particular, my research focuses on increasing patient engagement in their medical care, including supporting patients to track their health data, improving patient-provider communication, and assisting patients in making decisions about their health.

To see examples of my previous research please refer to the Visualization page.

To answer these research questions, my research team and I take a people-centred design approach:

Discover: To be able to design effective technologies and visualizations, we explore patients’ and healthcare providers’ needs when reviewing patient medical information. We conduct interviews, focus groups, and observational studies to better understand patient and healthcare provider interactions with the presence of a shared display in clinical rooms.

Design: Due to communication issues, the patients and healthcare providers may be unable to communicate patient medical data during clinical visits adequately. One solution is to design interactive technologies and visualizations to enable data-driven communication between healthcare providers and patients. To design effective visualizations, we conduct participatory design workshops with patients to sketch and fast prototype potential visualization designs.

Develop: When developing visualizations, technological specifications such as screen size and interaction possibilities can impact the design of visualizations. Thus, we investigate the type of interactive surfaces that are the most appropriate for collaboratively using visualizations in the clinical room settings.

Evaluate: To validate the use of the data visualizations, we need to evaluate the design of visualizations with patients and healthcare providers, in real-world settings. We conduct observational studies and longitudinal studies in clinics, while patients and physicians use various visualization and technologies that we designed to compare and contrast the effectiveness of the designs.