PhD Position Available

Our lab is looking for a highly motivated student to pursue their PhD in the topics of health data visualization, assistive technologies, eHealth tools for older adults. Ideally, the candidate will start in January 2022.

The student needs to hold a Master’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Human Factors Engineering, or Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in the area of Human-Computer Interaction or Data Science.
Skills and knowledge required for this position are: 1) qualitative research methods; 2) conducting design studies; 3) prototyping (user interface or data visualization).

How to apply:
Please get in touch with me and include:

  • CV or Resume
  • Most recent transcript (can be unofficial)
  • Statement of purpose

More information can be found here:

I am always looking for motivated undergraduate and graduate students to work with me in the areas of Information Visualization and Human-Computer Interaction focused on eHealth, Biomedical, and Public Health. Please feel free to look into my research interests and past research projects.

I accept students through these programs: Master of Human-Computer Interaction, Master of Biomedical Engineering (SYST), Master of Applied Science: Electrical and Computer Engineering (SYST) PhD in Biomedical Engineering, and PhD in Software Engineering with specialization in Data Science. I am also interested in working with students from other academic traditions, in an interdisciplinary manner.

If you are interested in working in these research areas, please contact me with a CV, your transcripts, and a statement of interest detailing your research interests, background, and past experience OR include my name in your application.