Research Computing Services (RCS)’s mission is to provide researchers with the support, expertise and resources necessary to conduct research computing at Carleton.

RCS personnel will support and assist researchers in using Advanced Research Computing (ARC) and High-Performance resources available on- and off-campus. This support includes tutorials, training, workshops as well as assistance with porting and optimizing existing code.

Services offered include:

  • Provide a single point of contact for research-related requests to ITS.
  • Custom, purpose-built research software created by the RCS Research Software Development team. More information on this initiative.
  • Offer access to the RCS ShareFile filesharing platform for research data. More information on RCS ShareFile.
  • Access to open and commercial software through the Research Computing and Development Cloud (RCDC). Software packages available include: IBM SPSS Statistics, MathWorks’ Matlab, Stata/SE and MPI. Software can be installed and configured upon request (subject to licensing requirements). The RCDC can also be used by researchers for their research computing needs as well as to develop new code and applications. More information on the RCDC.
  • Support the joint Data Science program. Participate in the design, measurement, collection, sampling and statistical analysis of research data and results.
  • Offer tutoring, training, workshops and support scientific researchers, staff and students regarding HPC and Advanced Research Computing (ARC) resources.
  • Assist researchers with the porting, optimization and running of code or applications.
  • Consult and interact with faculty and their research groups to enable them to fully utilize the ARC resources for their scientific research.
  • Help faculty with grant proposals by contributing sections of the proposal that describe the interplay between their research and ARC resources.
  • Assess and develop research tools including: collaborative data analysis, computational performance, data storage, and research collaboration.
  • Work strategically and collaboratively with all information technology areas involved in successful research support and with research and technology leaders at schools and departments throughout the University.