Research Software Development

The Research Software Development team works with researchers to develop purpose-built software based on their needs in order to further their research programs. If you believe this service would be of value to you, please contact RCS. If you use the any custom software produced with the help of the Research Software Developement team as a part of your published research, it would be greatly appreciated if you could acknowledge RCS in your publication. Note: the Research Software Development team reserves the right to publicize any project on which they participate.

Support and Maintenance

If the intended research development project will be running as a service hosted by Carleton University, the underlying systems that ITS already supports (VM, operating system, database, webservers, etc.) will follow ITS’ current maintenance schedule. The support for underlying systems hosted outside of Carleton or those that Carleton does not support will fall to the host provider or the researcher to perform regular software updates.

The software development team will work closely with the researcher during development to ensure all of the project goals are completed. Once the software is formally handed over to the researcher, support and maintenance in the form of bug fixes, feature improvement, etc. will be done on a best-effort basis and by request only. To allow for the Research Software Development team to provide long term support to researchers long after the software was initially developed, the team will stick to a core set of relevant technologies and fully document each project to allow for easier knowledge transfer.

Software Licensing

Software for research is highly reusable and producing well-architected, well-written, fully tested, and properly documented code not only helps the individual researcher but contributes to the research community as a whole. In this spirit, the code generated by the Research Software Development team will be licensed under the GNU General Public License, a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) licence whenever possible and appropriate. Once a project has reached a suitable state, the code will be released on the public RCS Github page.


A list of projects contributed to by the Research Software Development team, along with links to the publicly available open source code, is given below. Please click each project for more information.