Photo of Stephen White

Stephen White

Canadian public opinion and elections; political participation; immigrant political attitudes and behaviour

Degrees:BA (Memorial), MA (Wilfrid Laurier), PhD (Toronto)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 2568
Office:D696 Loeb

Associate Professor

Stephen White is Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at Carleton University. His research focuses on Canadian and comparative public opinion and political behaviour, and immigrant political incorporation. He is a co-editor of Comparing Canada: Methods and Perspectives on Canadian Politics, and has contributed articles and chapters on North American political cultures, attitudes towards immigration, and immigrant political engagement.

Stephen White joined Carleton in 2015, following a SSHRC post-doctoral fellowship at Concordia University (2013-2015), and a post-doctoral fellowship in Diversity and Democratic Citizenship at the Centre for the Study of Democratic Citizenship (2012-2013). He previously taught at the University of Ottawa and the University of Regina. Prior to his doctoral studies, he was a senior researcher at the Public Policy Research Centre, Memorial University.

Selected Publications

Bilodeau, A., S. White, L. Turgeon, & A. Henderson. 2020. “Feeling Attached and Feeling Accepted: Implications for Political Inclusion among Visible Minority Immigrants in CanadaInternational Migration 58(2): 272-288.

White, S., & C. Alcantara. 2018. “Do Constraints Limit Opportunism? Incumbent Electoral Performance Before and After (Partially) Fixed-Term LawsPolitical Behavior 41(3): 657-675.

White, S. 2017. “Canadian Immigrants at the Polls: The Effects of Socialization in the Country of Origin and Resocialization in Canada on Electoral Participation.” Political Science 69 (2): 101-121.

White, S., A. Bilodeau, & N. Nevitte. 2015. “Earning their Support: Feelings toward Canada among Recent Immigrants.” Ethnic and Racial Studies 38(2): 292-308.

Turgeon, L., M. Papillon, J. Wallner, & S. White (Editors). 2014. Comparing Canada: Methods and Perspectives on Canadian Politics. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press.

Bilodeau, A., S. White, & N. Nevitte.  2010. “The Development of Dual Loyalties: Immigrants’ Integration to Canadian Regional Dynamics.” Canadian Journal of Political Science 43 (3): 515-544.

White, S., N. Nevitte, A. Blais, E. Gidengil, & P. Fournier. 2008. “The Political Resocialization of Immigrants: Resistance or Life-Long Learning?Political Research Quarterly 61(2): 268-281.