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Mohammed Rustom

Full Professor and Director of the Carleton Centre for the Study of Islam

Degrees:Hon. BA; PhD (Toronto)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 1954
Office:2A61 Paterson Hall
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Mohammed Rustom is Professor of Islamic Thought and Global Philosophy at Carleton University and Director of the Carleton Centre for the Study of Islam. He has been the recipient of a number of academic distinctions and prizes such as the Ibn ‘Arabi Society Latina’s Tarjuman Prize, a Templeton Foundation Global Philosophy of Religion grant, The Institute of Ismaili Studies’ Annemarie Schimmel Fellowship, Iran’s World Prize for the Book of the Year, and Senior Fellowships courtesy of the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute’s Library of Arabic Literature and Humanities Research Fellowship programs.

An internationally recognized scholar whose works have been translated into over ten languages, Professor Rustom’s research focuses on Islamic philosophy, Arabic and Persian Sufi literature, Quranic exegesis, translation theory, and cross-cultural philosophy. He is author of The Triumph of Mercy: Philosophy and Scripture in Mulla Sadra (SUNY Press, 2012), co-editor of The Study Quran: A New Translation and Commentary (HarperOne, 2015), and translator of Abu Hamid al-Ghazali, The Condemnation of Pride and Self-Admiration (Islamic Texts Society, 2018).

Dr. Rustom’s more recent books include Inrushes of the Heart: The Sufi Philosophy of ‘Ayn al-Qudat (SUNY Press, 2023), The Essence of Reality: A Defense of Philosophical Sufism (NYU Press, 2022), and Global Philosophy: A Sourcebook (Equinox, in press)

Professor Rustom is also Editor of Equinox Publishing’s Global Philosophy series and Editorial Board member of the Library of Arabic Literature (NYU Press).

Areas of Research

Islamic Theology and Philosophy; Arabic and Persian Sufi Literature; Quranic Exegesis; Contemporary Islamic Thought; Cross-Cultural Philosophy; Translation Theory

Fall 2023 Courses

RELI 2310 Islam

RELI 3840  (PHIL 3010)  Rumi and the Way of Love

Winter 2024 Courses

RELI 2330 The Qur’an

RELI 2713 Mysticism & Contemplative Traditions

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