Winter 2024

RELI 1710 B Judaism, Christianity, Islam
RELI 1712 B Religions of South & East Asia
RELI 1741 B Global Religions Identity & Community
RELI 2110 Judaism
RELI 2200 B Christianity
RELI 2330 A The Qur’an
RELI 2510 A Hinduism
RELI 2710 A Maccabees to Muhammad
RELI 2713 B Mysticism & Contemplative Traditions
RELI 2732 B Death and Afterlife
RELI 2736 B Religion and Society
RELI 2737 B Roman Religion
RELI 2741 B Big Questions in Religious Studies
RELI 3220 A Reformation Europe
RELI 3741 B Classic approach to Religion
RELI 4850 B Seminar in Study of Religion
RELI 4850 C Seminar in Study of Religion
RELI 4990 A Honours Research Essay

For Information regarding when courses are offered, please refer to the Public Class Schedule.