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Most people want to grow old at home with the people they love. And, says Dr. Frank Knoefel, technology can help them do that.

Clinician and researcher Dr. Knoefel, recently appointed as the University of Ottawa Brain and Mind – Bruyère Research Institute Chair in Primary Health Care Dementia Research, has been caring for older adults at the Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital for some 27 years. For much of the time, he has also been conducting research on memory and the use of technology in caring for older adults.“We support our aging population. We look at declines in mobility, cognition and the presence of multiple medical issues,” he says. “Then we ask how these conditions affect their day-to-day functioning and how technology can support them to regain this function.”Emphasizing that “Bruyère is very much about improving quality of life for people,” his focus on dementia care has led to using adapted smart technology, involving motion sensors and speakers, to guide people living with dementia and give support and peace of mind to their caregivers. For example, the sensors can be used to keep people who wander — due to their illness — safely indoors, a particular concern during Ottawa’s cold winter months.

The sensor technology has evolved from testing in the AGE-WELL SAM 3 apartment at Bruyère and has now been implemented in private homes and seniors’ residences, including the Richmond Care Home and Greystone Retirement Transitional Care Unit, which is managed by Bruyère.

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