SAM3 Expertise Areas

The SAM3 research team has expertise that includes all aspects of technology and product evaluation research that is focused on the needs and challenges aging adults can face as they continue to maintain their independence. The work on solutions to support aging in place requires multidisciplinary expertise in the related technologies and with end user expertise on how the technologies are used by older adults for the assessment of health and well-being,  The performance of any solution needs to be assessed to ensure that it provides the desired functionality within the application area.

Technology Expertise Areas

Pressure / Force Analysis

Machine Learning / Data Analytics / Deep Learning / AI

Acoustic / Sound Analysis

Video Analysis

Video Magnification

Accelerometer / Motion sensing

Smell and Electronic Noses

Sensor Data Fusion

Use Case Expertise Areas

Vital Sign Acquisition

Sleep Assessment

Gait Assessment

Activity of Daily Living Assessment


Supportive Smart Homes

Driving Assessment

Project Focus Model

Technology Research and Development

Objective Laboratory Assessment

Technology Trials (residential, communal care, hospitals)