Project 1: Platform Project

See Project under ORCATECH partner.

PI: Rafik Goubran, Neil Thomas

Project 2: Testing and Validation of Sensor Systems for Cognitive Health and Dementia

Conduct a search for smart sensor systems in the market that target monitoring cognitive health and dementia. We will assess them based on the published specifications and will contact the vendors to better understand their strengths and weakness. We will then identify a number of promising systems for more in-depth analysis with particular emphasis on real health impact, interoperability and user interface design. The next step will include acquiring at least five different systems for more in-depth testing and validation. We will first verify that their performance meets the published specifications. We will then compare them according to the criteria identified in the rationale section of this proposal. The technical testing will take place at the smart apartment lab at Carleton University. Further testing and validation will take place at the smart apartment located at the Elisabeth-Bruyère Hospital.

PI: Rafik Goubran, Frank Knoefel