Champlain LHIN

Project: Wandering Detection and Diversion

2016 – 2020

Project goal: The ability for people to age in place, continuing to live independently, is highly dependent on their physical and/or cognitive health, along with the support they are able to receive from caregivers such as a spouse or family. The demands on caregivers, such as spouses and children is significant as for example, sixty percent of Person Living with Dementia (PLWD) are at risk for nighttime wandering and potential elopement from the home. Caregivers already care for the PWD during the day and if they are sleeping with “one eye open” at night to ensure the personal safety of the PLWD, there is an increased risk of caregiver stress, health decline and burnout. The projects applies sensor systems to provides new promise as these can allow for the creation of systems that support the PLWD and reduce the demands on the Caregiver.

PI: Frank Knoefel

Students: Laura Ault

Other Funding: Champlain LHIN, CABHI