Photo of Andrea Pietila

Andrea Pietila

Degrees:BEng (Carleton), MASc (Carleton)

Andrea Pietila completed her MASc in Mechanical Engineering in 2011.  Her thesis research employed building performance simulation to examine the feasibility of eliminating electrical draws from houses during periods of high demand on the central electrical system, a concept known as zero peak housing.

This research work was published in an article in Building and Environment, and a related experimental study conducted at the Canadian Centre for Housing Technology at the National Research Council was published in Energy and Buildings. (Refer to the Publications page for the full citations.)

After completing her MASc, Andrea moved to Toronto to work as an energy analyst, focused on energy modelling at a large consulting firm. She currently works at RDH Building Science Inc in Toronto as an Energy and Sustainability Analyst, where she continues to focus on whole building energy modelling simulations. Her work includes a variety of projects including net zero energy and carbon, existing building energy studies and deep energy retrofits, Passive House, and consulting on energy efficient design strategies.