We have created representative hot water draw profiles that can be used for analyzing solar DHW, micro-cogeneration, and other systems, and for conducting long-term (e.g. annual) simulations.  These are based upon measurements that were taken in 73 houses in Québec (Canada).  Annual DHW draw profiles at a time-resolution of 5 minutes have been created for 4 consumption levels and 3 temporal consumption patterns (sparing consumers who tend to use DHW in the mornings, average consumers who tend to use DHW in the evenings, etc.).

The measurement and data analysis methods employed to generate these 12 hot water draw profiles are documented in the following article:

Skai Edwards, Ian Beausoleil-Morrison, and André Laperrière, “Representative hot water draw profiles at high temporal resolution for simulating the performance of solar thermal systems”, Solar Energy (111) 43-52, 2015.

Each of the 12 hot water draw profiles listed in Table 3 of the above-mentioned article is contained in a separate file.  The data files are named by the house numbers used in the table.  Each row of a file contains the hot water draw measured in litres for a 5-minute interval, starting from January 1.

You are encouraged to make use of these data in your research or building performance simulations.  We only ask that you cite the above-mentioned paper as the source of the data.  We also ask that you provide us with your feedback (positive and negative) so that we may improve our future work in this area.

It is recommended that you open the links below using a private/incognito window in your browser to avoid issues with cached passwords. If prompted, provide the user name “DHW” and leave the password field blank.

Profiles for average consumers

Profiles for median consumers

Profiles for sparing consumers

Profiles for profligate consumers