We conducted a multi-year field measurement campaign in houses in Ottawa (Canada) to created representative electrical demand profiles.  Data are available from 23 houses at 1-minute frequency on a number of end-uses, such as air-conditioning, furnace (including circulation fan), and non-HVAC loads.  Monitored data for a number of individual appliances are also provided for some of the

The characteristics of the houses and the methods used to gather and process the data are documented in the following articles:

Neil Saldanha and Ian Beausoleil-Morrison (2012), ‘Measured end-use electric load profiles for 12 Canadian houses at high temporal resolution’, Energy and Buildings, (49) 519-530.

Geoffrey Johnson and Ian Beausoleil-Morrison (2017), ‘Electrical-end-use data from 23 houses sampled each minute for simulating micro-generation systems’, Applied Thermal Engineering, (114) 1449-1456.

The data have been archived in two formats to facilitate their use for future research.  The first format (logged data) includes the average power draw of each measured circuit over each 1-minute interval for each house’s complete monitoring period (greater than one year).  Some records are missing from these files and no processing of the data has been performed.  Refer to Section 3 of the Saldanha and Beausoleil-Morrison (2012) article for details.

The second format (processed data) includes exactly one year’s worth of data for each house at 1-minute intervals.  Section 3 of the Saldanha and Beausoleil-Morrison (2012) article describes the methods that were employed to select, fill, smooth, and derive the data to generate these files.

You are encouraged to make use of these data in your research or building performance simulations.  We only ask that you cite the above-mentioned paper as the source of the data.  We also ask that you provide us with your feedback (positive and negative) so that we may improve our future work in this area.

Note that all records in these files are recorded in Standard Time.

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Logged data (H1 to H12)

Logged data (H13 to H23)

Processed data (H1 to H12)

Processed data (H13 to H23)