Photo of Curtis Meister

Curtis Meister

Degrees:BEng (Carleton), PhD (Carleton)

Curtis joined the SBES team as an Undergraduate Student Research Assistant in 2015, shortly before commencing his MASc. Curtis worked on the hydraulic networks, instrumentation and automation of experiments at the Urbandale Centre for Home Energy Research (CHEeR). Curtis’ MASc was accelerated to a PhD degree in 2017, which he defended in 2022. His doctoral thesis involved long-term experiments on seasonal thermal energy storage using CHEeR’s 35 cubic-metre buried water tank. He used data generated by his experiments to validate energy models using building performance simulation tools, which he further used to study the optimal sizing and control of seasonal thermal energy storage systems. Curtis’ PhD thesis was awarded Carleton’s Senate Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement.

Curtis currently works as a Senior Research Associate at the Competence Center for Thermal Energy Storage at the Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts in Switzerland.