Photo of Geoffrey Johnson

Geoffrey Johnson

Degrees:BEng (Carleton), MASc (Carleton), PhD (Carleton)

Geoffrey Johnson completed his PhD on the topic of fuel-cell micro-cogeneration in 2016.  Through this research he developed and calibrated models for predicting the energy performance of a fuel-cell micro-cogeneration device and tankless water heaters based upon experimental investigations.  He has also measured electrical demand patterns of occupied houses at a 1-minute time scale that are available to other researchers upon request.

Prior to commencing his PhD studies in 2012, Geoffrey completed a MASc degree with SBES experimentally investigating a lithium-bromide absorption chiller and collaborated on a micro-cogeneration study with Natural Resources Canada and the National Research Council.

Geoffrey now works for Environment and Climate Change Canada in the Transportation Division, where he assists in the development of greenhouse gas emissions standards for vehicles and engines.