Photo of Isabelle Kosteniuk

Isabelle Kosteniuk

MASc student

Degrees:BEng (Carleton)

Isabelle Kosteniuk joined the SBES team in 2015 as an undergraduate research assistant where she commissioned the data acquisition and control system of the Urbandale Centre for Home Energy Research (CHEeR). She completed her BEng in Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering from Carleton in 2018 and returned to commence her MASc in May 2021. Her research focuses on sorption-based thermal energy storage (TES) systems for low-temperature residential applications and will involve the creation of a numerical model that will guide future development of TES systems at CHEeR.

Isabelle also has experience in engineering roles in the public service, and has worked for several government departments including the Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission and Natural Resources Canada.