Photo of Nina Dmytrenko

Nina Dmytrenko

Degrees:BSc (Kyiv Polytechnic Institute), MSc (Kyiv Polytechnic Institute), MASc (Carleton University)

Nina Dmytrenko completed her MASc degree in 2018 under the co-supervision of Professors Cynthia Cruickshank and Ian Beausoleil-Morrison.  Her research examined strategies to improve the performance of air-source heat pumps during periods of extreme cold and hot conditions.  The goal was to increase the capacity and coefficient of performance of the heat pump during these extreme periods by supplying air to the outdoor heat exchanger from a short-term rock-bed thermal store, thus obviating the need for back-up heating.  She configured and conducted experiments on this system at the CHEeR facility.

Since her graduation, Nina has been working in the Policy and Innovation Sector at Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. She develops, plans, manages, advises and communicates on the projects funded through the Program of Energy Research and Development, Part IX of the National Housing Act, and the National Housing Strategy Research Planning Fund.

Her research projects are focused on high-performance multi-unit residential buildings, energy-efficient technologies, occupant comfort, and affordability. She has been developing a 3-year research plan under which she will be studying innovative strategies to reduce construction, operation and maintenance costs, strategies to make buildings more climate resilient and reduce their environmental impact, and challenges and improvement opportunities around the indigenous housing. She also partakes in developing a case study on how Gender-Based Analysis Plus could be applied to the post occupancy evaluation projects.