Photo of Skai Edwards

Skai Edwards

Degrees:BEng (Dalhousie), MASc (Carleton)

Skai Edwards completed his MASc in Sustainable Energy Engineering and Policy in 2014. In collaboration with Hydro-Québec, his research produced a new set of annual DHW demand profiles at a time resolution of 5-minutes that have been used in simulating the performance of solar and micro-cogeneration systems. He also conducted a detailed study of solar combi-systems that showed that long-term seasonal storage is required to achieve solar fractions greater than 50% for supplying space and water heating to Canadian housing.

The new DHW demand profiles are described in a journal article published in Solar Energy. (Refer to the Publications page for the full citation.) These profiles are available to other researchers upon request.

After completing his MASc degree, Skai moved to Vancouver, British Columbia. He worked as a mechanical design engineer at sustainable engineering firms in the city between 2015 and 2021.  During this time he provided HVAC and plumbing designs for schools, high-rises, health centres, and hospitals across the province of British Columbia.  In 2020 he received his professional designation and was licensed to practice engineering in the province of British Columbia.  Late 2021 saw Skai shift from industry to teaching as he took a position at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) where he currently provides instruction in the School of Energy’s technology program.  His instruction focuses on the design of mechanical building services.