The goal of the SENSE-MD project is to delay driving retirement for as long as safely possible. The project also aims to let the driver know when they should reduce, restrict, or stop driving. To do so, information about risk will be shared with the driver and their driver safety team members. Before this information can become accessible, other steps are however necessary. In total, the project involves 6 activities:

First, we will look at the data that other organizations have already collected with people’s car sensors. We will select the data that is important for our project.

Second, we will determine how to best collect our own data.

The third activity consists in collecting our own data. To collect the data, we will ask people to drive on a closed track and in a simulator. Moreover, the information gathered will allow us to train the AI that will calculate and predict driving risk.

During the fourth activity, we will ask for feedback from other experts and representatives of the Driver Safety Team on how to best share information about driver risk. Doing so will guide the design of the communication model.

Then, we will combine the AI (capable of assessing risk) with the communication model.

Finally, a website will allow sharing information about the project and getting feedback.

See below for more details on each activity.