3.1: Validate and refine predictive models using driving simulators and in-car testing on a closed track

The study will collect data from actual drivers. The drivers will drive in simulators located at Carleton and on the Area X.0 closed track. This is because simulators allow for testing in very risky and complex situations, which is impossible to do safely in a real vehicle. Similarly, the track provides the opportunity to collect data from actual driving within this safe environment.

3.2: Validate risk models using cross-validation methods

Then, we will use the data collected from the simulators and on-track driving to train and validate the risk models of the Smart AI system. This system was originally developed from the CanDrive and CAA datasets.

3.3: Create reports that contain AI, risk prediction models, validation results, logistics and policy considerations. These elements are essential for real-time and longitudinal information on driver safety.