If you’ve been sexually assaulted – here are some options to consider:

1. Are you currently in a safe place?

a. This can be your home, your friend’s home, the hospital or even a police station.

2. Do you need support?

a. You might choose to tell someone you trust, such as a close friend or relative.

b. You might choose to call the Carleton Sexual Assault Support Centre at (613) 520-5622 or one of our campus or community resources. [click here]

c. You might choose to contact the Campus Safety at (613) 520‐3612 or for Emergencies (613) 520-4444 (Extension 4444 from any campus phone).

d. You might choose to contact the police at 911.

3. Do you need medical attention?

a. To address any injuries you may have incurred (you may not see or feel all possible injuries).

b. To prevent sexually transmitted infections and/or pregnancy.

c. To collect evidence (even if you don’t want to press charges or place a report – this allows you the option in the future).

4. In order for a criminal investigation to take place, you must tell the police that you have been sexually assaulted. A medical examination may be done as soon as possible after the assault (tests for date rape drugs must be given within 72 hours after ingestion). Sometimes the people you turn to will not understand. There are others who will. Remember — you are not alone and you are not to blame.