The following projects were manufactured by contouring and drilling etc. As with surfacing, geometry is either transferred to or created in Mastercam (our Computer Aided Manufacturing software). Then tooling is assigned to the contours and holes to produce code for the CNC Milling Centres.

Sun Dial

Presented to Alois (Louis) Anton Raffler commemorating 30 years of outstanding service.

sundial1 - Contouring and Drilling

A.R.G.U.S. (A Russian German United States Swedish experiment)

This precision detector was manufactured and assembled at the Science Technology Centre. In particular interest to the CNC Section are the end cones which were manufactured on our Mitsui Seiki milling centre.

argus1 - Contouring and Drilling

O.P.A.L. (Omni-Purpose Apparatus at LEP)

These two 1 1/4″ thick fibreglass end plates required over 40000 operations to drill the holes through them. Many of the holes were stepped, and many were at compound angles (see illustration).

opal11 - Contouring and Drilling

opal2 - Contouring and Drilling