Learn more about our staff here at the Science Technology Centre!


Steve Tremblay 

Email: Steve.Tremblay@carleton.ca

Hometown: Ottawa

Years at the shop: 33 years

Educational background: Mechanical engineering technician toolmaker

Duties at the shop: Mechanical supervisor

Favorite machine & tools: Lathe, welding fabrication.

Favorite project to date: Physics research of any kind. Due to its complexity and Innovation. Design of detectors will always push the limits of our manufacturing capabilities. Ensuring that we stay on top of our game.


Graham Beard 

Email: Graham.Beard@carleton.ca

Hometown: Ottawa

Years at the shop: 32 years

Educational background: Algonquin College – Tool and Die Making

Duties at the shop: CAD/CAM Supervisor, estimating, machining

Favorite machine & tools: Waterjet, CNC milling

Favorite project to date: OPAL (Omni Purpose Apparatus for LEP) – great collaboration between Physicists and machinists. The work was also very challenging.


Ron Roy 

Email: Ron.Roy@carleton.ca

Hometown: Orleans

Years at the shop: 12 years

Educational background: Algonquin College – Tool and Die Making. Graduated in 1990.

Duties at the shop: CNC Technician

Favorite machine & tools: CNC Mills and CNC Lathe

Favorite project to date: Working on the Carleton U Lunar Rover because of the challenge in machining the various parts required. For example using the 5th Axis to machine Aluminum Wheels – treads and all – from a single block of 6061 aluminum. We also had to build a multi-level fixture in order to machine the suspension on the CNC mill.

Heinz Dietel

Heinz JW Dietel 

Hometown: Montreal

Years at the shop: 6 years

Educational background: Degree in Information Technology and A+ Certified. Also possess numerous licenses and certificated including; licensed gas fitter for the provinces of Quebec & Ontario, Certificate in equipment mechanics, Commercial Food Equipment Service Association Certificate.

Duties at the shop: Maintain all the equipment for Dining Services across the entire campus.

Favorite machine & tools: Any power tool!

Favorite project to date: Uncrating and installing brand new equipment.


Glen Grant 

Email: Glen.Grant@carleton.ca

Hometown: Kazabazua

Years at the shop: 23 years

Educational background: Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Welding. Graduated 1984

Duties at the shop: Welding, fabrication, machining, millwright

Favorite machine & tools: MIG/TIG Welder

Favorite project to date: Physic Muon Detector