Course Title  Instructor
TIMG 5001 Principles of Technology Innovation Management Steven Muegge
TIMG 5002 Technology Entrepreneurship Eduardo Bailetti
TIMG 5003 Issues in Technology Innovation Management Mika Westerlund
TIMG 5008 Foundations of Digital Transformation & Entrepreneurship David Hudson
TIMG 5103 Project Based Learning Tony Bailetti
TIMG 5104  Directed Studies *Research Supervisor
TIMG 5105 Designing Innovation Communities Michael Weiss
TIMG 5205 Customer Value Creation in Technology Firms Nuša Fain
TIMG 5301 Applied Analytics for Technology Innovation Management Michael Weiss
TIMG 5901 M.Eng Project *Project Supervisor
TIMG 5905 M.Ent Project *Project Supervisor
TIMG 5907 M.A.B.A. Project *Project Supervisor
TIMG 5908 M.D.T.E. Project *Project Supervisor
TIMG 5909 M.A.Sc. Thesis *Thesis Supervisor