The Technology Management Innovation Program has masters level programs with the following pathways. Select a pathway or course map to view the degree requirements and courses.

Master of Science (MSc)

The MSc degree is a technology, innovation, and management-driven program, empowering students to specialize and conduct original research with dedicated faculty. This thesis-based program prepares students for successful careers in academia, industry, and beyond, by developing their research skills and providing experience in complex problem-solving.

Master of Engineering (MENG)

The MEng degree program offers an exciting opportunity for students to apply their technical knowledge to solve real-world problems. Through the program’s project-based approach, students learn how to conduct applied research, analyze data, and develop solutions that meet the needs of clients. Successful completion of the program requires strong project management skills, including effective communication, team collaboration, and time management. By honing these skills, graduates are well-equipped to succeed as leaders in the field of engineering.

Master of Applied Business Analytics (MABA)

The MABA is a degree in the TIM program that targets individuals who want to specialize in the application of advanced business analytics to solve technology innovation management and technology entrepreneurship problems.

Master of Entrepreneurship (MENT)

The MEnt degree is a project-based program that focuses on improving the health of business ecosystems delivering specialized services to new companies or new lines of business. Through applied research, students develop innovative solutions to promote business growth and success. The program emphasizes the use of technology and innovation to support entrepreneurial ventures. Additionally, strong project management skills are essential for success in the program, including effective communication, team collaboration, and time management. Graduates of the MEnt degree program are well-prepared to lead as entrepreneurs and innovators in the business world.

Master of Digital Transformation & Entrepreneurship (MDTE)

The MDTE is a degree that enables aspiring young professionals to acquire the leadership skills and competences needed to lead digital transformation initiatives in new and existing organizations; learn how new technologies such as blockchain, AI and IoT can be used to create new value propositions.