2018-2019 Academic Year

Paleontology ERTH 2312 [0.5 credit] – Winter 2019

Introduction to macrofossil and microfossil groups, their paleoenvironmental significance, and principles of evolutionary paleoecology. Prerequisites: ERTH 1001 or ERTH 1006 or ERTH 1007; or permission of the Department. Lectures two hours a week and a laboratory three hours a week.

Climate Change: An Earth Sciences Perspective ERTH 2402 [0.5 credit] – Winter 2019

Paleoecological and biostratigraphic significance, and evolutionary history of marine and freshwater microorganisms. Prerequisites: ERTH 2312, or permission of the Department. Lectures, seminars and laboratory five hours a week.

Field Geology III ERTH 4807 [0.5 credit] – Winter 2019

“The Geology of Mallorca, Spain” End of April – Early May 2019
Two-week field camp designed to extend the student’s geological knowledge by integrating advanced field, theory and experimental data. Assessment based on written reports, seminars, and oral examinations. Part of the cost is borne by the student. Prerequisites: completion of the third-year Earth Sciences course requirements and permission of the Department.