Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) have been envisioned to enhance transportation efficiency, reduce accidents, improve safety, and provide significant mobility and environmental benefits. The global market of CAVs is expected to reach $7T by 2050, becoming one of the biggest markets in the world.

Building Trust in Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (TrustCAV) is a research initiative funded in 2020 under the Industrial Stream of NSERC’s CREATE program. Its purpose is to attract, retain, and train Canada‚Äôs future leaders in CAVs, as well as address the technological and societal challenges associated with CAVs.

The vision of this CREATE program is to create a self-sustaining training and research hub for CAV professionals with connections throughout Canada and globally to provide expertise and training in the technical, legal, ethical, and regulatory challenges associated with trustworthy and dependable CAVs.