March 12th and 13th, 2009

Thursday Schedule

Time Topic
8:15 – 8:30 Opening Remarks
Negotiating Troubled Pasts
Session Chair: Lorna Chisholm
Locating Ourselves in Print
Session Chair: Beth Robertson
Negotiating Indigenous-Settler Histories:
Representing “The West” at the 1988 Calgary
Olympic Winter Games
Lisa Kilner (Carleton University)
Ever Grumbling: The Kitchener Collegiate Institute Yearbooks and the Formation of Student Identities, 1939-1945
Madelaine Morrison (Carleton University)
8:30- 10:05Session A(Concurrent) The Art of Memory: The Historical
Representation and Public Memory of the 1973
Coup D’état in Chilean Communities in Ottawa
Christine McGuire (Carleton University)
“A Journal in the Interest of the Deaf”: The Publication of The Canadian Mute and the Building of a Deaf Community in Ontario, 1892-1902
Alessandra Iozzo-Duval (University of Ottawa)
“The Linchpin of Revisionism”: The Problem of
Black History as Critical History at Colonial Williamsburg
Liam Kennedy (Carleton University)
Using the Compost et calendrier des bergers: Questioning Cultural Divisions in Early Modern France
Justin Rivest (Carleton University)
Austria’s Failed Entnazifizierung and
Opfermythos: The Reintegration of Nazis
following the Moscow Declaration of 1943
Samuel Zeev Konig (Carleton University)
Public Places, Private Spaces: Crossing Thresholds
Session Chair: Madelaine Morrison
Poetic Placemaking: The Creation of Glen
Bernard Camp, 1922-1934.
Jessica Dunkin (Carleton University)
10:25 – 12:00 Session B “Let the Women Organize the Bazaar”: Medical
Philanthropy, Religion and Fundraising in
Montreal Hospitals, 1840-1940
Catherine Braithwaite (McGill University)
Crossing into the Carolingian Cloister:
An Examination of Interaction in the
Legislatio Aquigranensis
Corinna Prior (Carleton University)
12:10 — 1:20 Lunch Break
The Body Social
Session Chair: Jessica Dunkin
1:05 – 2:40
Session C
Fixed by so much better a fire: Wigs and
Masculinity in early Georgian Portraiture,
Eric J. Weichel (Queen’s University)
For the Purpose of Saving Beards and Greetings: An analysis of the role of Cistercian lay brothers in Burchard of Bellevaux’s Apologia de Barbis
Abraham Plunkett-Latimer (Carleton University)
Fashioning Identity
Session Chair: William Knight
“Harmonious Decoration”: Building and Representing ‘Identities’ at the Grand-Pré Memorial Park, 1907-1957.
Michael Gagne (Carleton University)
 3:30 – 4:55
Session D
From the Crèche to the Cross: The Imitation of Christ and ‘l’enfance spirituelle’ among the Discalced Carmelites of Beaune
Julie Tracz (Carleton University)
Adventures in Broadcasting the Bahamian National Identity, 1970-74
Edward Minnis (Carleton University)
A Very Thatcherite Outing, or Blunt’s Exposure Exposed
Luke Nicholson (Concordia University)
Dinner Break
7:00 – 8:30 Keynote Address (PA303)
“Constructing History From Architecture: Modern Hospitals in Canada, 1893-1943”
Dr. Annmarie Adams (McGill University)

Friday Schedule

Time Topic  
  Finding a Place in the Nation
Session Chair: Lisa Kilner
 The State of Modernity, Modernizing the State
Session Chair: Brian Foster
  “Fruitful Virgin Mothers”: Women and Post Communism in Yugoslavia
Jane Freeland (Carleton University)
State Formation and Canada’s Nineteenth-Century Dominion Electoral Franchise
Colin Grittner (Carleton University)
  Are we Polish? Canadian Historiography and the Kashub Question
Josh Blank (Carleton University)
The Man in Asbestos: Stephen Leacock and the Unsolved Riddle of Political Modernity, 1911-1921
David Tough (Carleton University)
8:30- 10:05Session E(Concurrent) The Making of a Multicultural Imaginary: The Ukrainian Canadian Community’s Role in Challenging the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism
Laura Weir (Carleton University)
Building Portuguese ‘Modernity’ — and Our Understanding of it — One Rural Market at a Time: Lourinhã’s Novo Mercado Municipal and Portugal’s Move to ‘Modernity’, 1960-1990
Raphael Costa (York University)
  From the Archives, I Learned. Around their Kitchen Tables, I Understood. The Experience of Southern Italian Immigrants Who Settled in Ottawa in the Post-WWII Period
Kathleen Talarico (Carleton University)
  Rocking the Boat: Grassroots Activism in the 20th Century
Session Chair: Colin Grittner
  Ida B. Wells: Patriot, Freedom Fighter and Social Activist
Tanya Teglo (Edinboro University of Pennsylvania)
10:25 – 12:00 Session F Shifting the Balance: Youth Activists and Red Power in the Company of Young Canadians, 1967-1973
Kelly Pineault (Trent University)
  Feminizing the Capital Punishment Debate in Canada: A Case Study of Steven Truscott, 1959-1967
Nicki Darbyson (Brock University)
12:10 — 1:20 Luncheon Address (History Lounge)
“Pacifism, Patriotism and Feminism or How to Forget and Remember American Women Activists in the Great War”
Dr. Andrew Johnston (Carleton)
  Records & Representations: Exploring Visuality in the Past
Session Chair: Maureen Mahoney
 Behind the Scenes: Exposing the Inner Workings of Political Culture
Session Chair: David Tough
1:05 – 2:40
Session G (concurrent)
‘Re-Visioning’ the Great War: Paul Nash, the Paradox of Still Motion, and the Visual Record of the First World War
Christopher Schultz (Carleton University)
Revisiting ‘The Inquiry’: Exploring Professional Social Science and Liberal Internationalism
Brian Foster (Carleton University)
  Sex in the Séance: Performative Gender in the Psychical Research of Dr. T. Glendon Hamilton
Beth A. Robertson (Carleton University)
 As Self-Consciously as One Can: Rhetorical Turns and Political Histories
David Banoub (Carleton University)
Vision of the Walled City: Changing Perspectives of the Urban Landscape in Italian Gothic Fresco
Sara Ellis (Queen’s University)
Mirage of Missed Opportunity? The Cooperative Commonwealth Federation and the 1943 Cartier Federal By-Election
Charles Deshaies (University of Maine)
  Disparate Bodies/Corporeal Representations
Session Chair: Justin Rivest
  Denial and Dazzlement: The Effect of Light in Donatello’s Representation of Ascetic Saints
Theresa Huntley (Queen’s University)
 3:30 – 5:00
Session H
Embodying Pathology: Children’s Bodies and the Production of Health Narratives
Valerie Minnett (Carleton University)
  “We’ll Fight for your Neural Walls and Plasticities”: Seeing Civic Education in Ontario’s Schools, 1905-1918
Pete Anderson (Carleton University)
 5:00 – 5:15 Closing Remarks 

Introduction by Dr. Ruth Phillips, Canada Research Chair in Modern Culture,
School for Studies in Art and Culture – Art History and Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art, and Culture.

“Winners’ History: Exhibiting the Group of Seven.”
Dr. Lynda Jessup, Queen’s University